School Calendar

School Year

School Office opensAug 26th, 2021
First Day of schoolSeptember 7th, 2021
Last Day of schoolJune 17th, 2022
School office closesJune 30th, 2022
The number of instructional days for Elem. and H.S students187
The number of professional activity days for elementary/secondary panel4

School Holidays (Elementary & Secondary)

Labour DaySeptember 6th, 2021
Thanksgiving DayOctober 11th, 2021
Winter Break (Inclusive) Dec 20th, 2021 – Dec 31st, 2021
Coptic ChristmasJanuary 7th, 2022
Family DayFebruary 21st, 2022
March Break (Inclusive)March 7th – March 18th, 2022
Good FridayApril 15th, 2022
Easter MondayApril 18th, 2022
Coptic Good FridayApril 22nd, 2022
Coptic Easter MondayApril 25th, 2022
Victoria DayMay 23rd, 2022

Professional Activity Days (No School for Students)

Association of Christian Schools International ConferenceTBA
PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITY DAYS (No School for Students)January 28th & 31st, 2022
PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITY DAYS (No School for Students)May 19th, 2022

School Events

Welcome Back EventSeptember 23rd 2021
Course Change Deadline – High School OnlySeptember 17th 2021
Grade 12 Ontario Universities FairSeptember 27th 2021
High School Midterm Reports & Elementary Progress Reports November 12th, 2021
Reporting to Parents (Parent Teacher Interviews)November 18th, 2021
Christmas Celebration NightDecember 16th, 2021
Semester 1 EXAMS (High School Only)January 21st-27th, 2022
Semester 2 starts (High School Only)February 1st, 2022
Course Change Deadline – High School OnlyFebruary 11th, 2022
Report Cards Sent Home (Elementary and secondary)February 4th, 2022
Reporting to Parents (Parent Teacher Interviews – ELEMENTARY ONLY)February 10th, 2022
Mid Term Reports Issued (High School)April 8th, 2022
Reporting to Parents (Parent Teacher Interviews)April 13th, 2022
Annual School Concert (Living Arts Center)May 18th,2022
Final Exams (High School)June 9th– 15th,2022
Graduation Ceremony (Senior Kindergarten)June 10th, 2022
Graduation Ceremony (Grade 8)June 14th, 2022
Graduation Ceremony (Grade 12)June 16th, 2022
Report Cards Issued (PJK – 5)June 17th, 2022
Last Day Of ClassesJune 17th, 2022
Report Card Issued (Grade 9-12) June 24th, 2022